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Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 Observations from Living in Buenos Aires

**Stolen from IndieTravelPodcast ( - Adjusted slightly to me and my observations.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful and complex place. Sometimes it’s maddening, with the traffic (& NON-STOP CAR ALARMS!) and exhaust fumes and dog shit; but at other times — when sitting in a historic café, reading a book and sipping a cup of wine, for example — I am so happy I decided to move here to Argentina.

There’s a lot that’s endearing about Buenos Aires, and other things that grate a little. But it’s an amazing city, and with an open eye there’s a lot to see.

1. There is a newspaper stand on each street corner.
The newspaper stand is not just a place for a journal or a magazine; it’s also a social club. One can buy an Argentinian porno mag called “Young and Dirty,” featuring twenty-something woman posing as teenagers. The Nudity is obnoxious and crude for me personally - but the newsstands are amazingly useful and friendly places to walk past. The print industry is still alive. VERDICT: WIN

2. The service at restaurants is HORRIBLE.

In café's in the morning’s, the hip, tattooed server takes your order in a tone that leads one to believe that one had somehow disrupted her from living her life. Oh, and if you want your cuenta (bill) now, you should have asked for it fifteen minutes ago. But - the wide range of restaurants - the tastes; the flavours - for $20 - is amazing! VERDICT: FAIL

3. One must watch where one is walking.
Or one will land in dog poo. It’s everywhere, like little satanic piles of anti-karma. It smells, it gets over your shoes, and everybody is perfectly fine with this reality of the dog-shit city. People walk their dogs and they shit everywhere - I am a dog lover til death due me part - but Is it REALLY that hard to pick up the poo and put it in the garbage cans that are on every street corner? VERDICT: STINKY FAIL

4. The locals drink yerba mate, everywhere.
Mate is a type of loose green tea that is extremely energizing and healthy. It’s charming to see people walking around with their thermos, mate cup and metal straw: in the park, on the subway, waiting for the bus. What a bunch of suckers! If North Americans carried their personal coffee mug around with such commitment, Starbucks-related waste would drop through the floor. VERDICT: WIN

5. The men greet each other with a kiss on the cheek.
From my Canadian cultural perspective, where affection between men is expressed as a punch in the arm, it’s a civilized and intimate salutation. Please take note, uptight western cultures. Everybody is friendly, close, and warm. You greet everybody with a kiss on the check, and for me - each day as I leave work, the security guard at the front gives me a huge hug and kiss, we converse in extremely broken Spanish (on my part) and it cheers me up daily to feel that connection to people you don't feel daily in the Canadian culture of 12 inches distance at all times. VERDICT: WIN

6. Graffiti and street art are pervasive.
There seems to be a permissiveness (and dare I say “celebration”) of street art here in Buenos Aires, of which I haven’t seen in other cities that I’ve visited. The sides of buildings are simply urban canvases, providing a smorgasbord of colorful graphics to the eyes of locals and travelers. The only negative is that every building is not are - some buildings are simply covered in hundreds of spray paint signatures which ruins the natural beauty of marble buildings. But when it is art - it is stunning. VERDICT: WIN

7. Breakfast consists of café con leche y medialunas.
I’m a big breakfast kinda person; I love my cereal and omelets. In the morning, the porteños (people born and raised in Buenos Aires) have bellies still bulging from the immense piece of meat they devoured the night before. This means that breakfast is a coffee and a couple of croissants called medialunas. The fresh deliciousness of baking - the awakening smell, the delicious taste, the soft warm fresh-out-of-the-oven - ness - Makes Buenos Aires feel a bit calmer and a bit more homely, as I exchange pleasantries with my pastry lady each morning. VERDICT: WIN

8. Locals are ambivalent to tango.
Just as a New Yorker might not care about the Statue of Liberty or an Australian might think that kangaroos are simply big bouncy rats, the folks of Buenos Aires are a bit tangoed out. This is entirely understandable but somewhat of a letdown after the city is continuous touted as the city of Tango on every street corner. I have only seen one street tango show - and it is on the tourist street - and they don't let you watch for 1 minute without showing money in your hand to pay, before shooing you away. VERDICT: FAIL

9. The wine floweth cheaply.
For around $10, you can get a decent bottle of Malbec at most restaurants across the city. Or grab some empanadas and a bottle of vino (pronounced bino) from the grocery store ($4), and you’ve got a cheap meal in the park. Wines from all around the region - from Mendoza, to Chile, to Uruguay - the wins are diverse and delicious. VERDICT: WIN

10. The mullet reigns supreme.
I’ve never seen such a saturation of hipster haircuts in all my travels. Unfortunately, I don’t have official government statistics, but the mullet per capita here in Argentina is most likely dominating the international mullet scene. The look is horrid - and sometimes there are braided rat-tails in back - for somebody who views clean cut haircuts as respectable - this messy-dirty mullet rat-tail only illicits images in my head of shoving their head in the nearest fountain and giving them a nice presentable hairstyle! VERDICT: FAIL

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow its August Already?

What a busy life it is to be on the MC! Time just flys!

So quick update on my life in activities:

August 7th - Rollerblading in Palermo Park on Avenida Del Libertador, Shopping in Palermo Hollywood, Panqueque with Avocado and Roquefort Cheese!

August 6th - Asado (BBQ) in Del Tigre with AIESEC.

August 4th - Dinner at Ceviche (Top restaurant in BsAs) - AMAZING SEAFOOD! YUM!

July 30th - Took the American (Raley my workmate) shopping and bought him clothes so he can be presentable when out clubbing! haha

So whats next????

I am going back to Montevideo, Uruguay on Wednesday evening for the MC coaching visit to the Members there! Yay! I love Montevideo! I cant wait to return!

Cleo, my exchange student from Switzerland is touring South American currently and will be coming to Buenos Aires at the end of the month! I cant wait to see her and Adrien again! Its been 6 years!! WOW!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uruguay Pictures

My life in Pictures

Recoleta Cemetary
My team (Minus Olivia) for the year! Spending a happy day at Buenos Aires waterfront!
At La Boca! The extremely colourful neighbourhood of Buenos Aires!
Me! In the main plaza of Buenos Aires! What a beautiful day to wander!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Days Gone By

Wow, the last two weeks have flown by.
Life is starting to be more fun here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

So what have I done?

Celebrated July 9th, Argentina Independence Day at Feria de Mataderos! It was a lovely fair 1 hour away from my home which had stales and food and singers and dancers! Lots of Fun

Explored more sights of Buenos Aires including:
**Casa Rosada - which is the presidents place and is really a giant pink house!
**La Boca! The colour houses which is a complete tourist trap but OH so colourful and pretty and FUN!
**Teatro Colon - which is an AMAZING theatre which is GIGANTIC and VERY old and beautiful inside. I was WAY up in the Nose Bleed section but it was beautiful none the less. I went to see Festivales Musicales de Buenos Aires! Basically the symphony Orchestra playing Mozart and Vivaldi which some famous soloist violin people!! :) It was wonderful!

for work. the MC has gone into Conference planning because this weekend is Drive Conference 2011 being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina! The planned sessions for the sales track - that is 6 hours of sessions all dedicated to how to sell AIESEC, skills to sell AIESEC, more MORE SELLING! :) haha Lots of fun.

But I have to run! I have a networking event to attend tonight! It is held by which connects expatriates in the city you are living and working! Yay for fellow foreigners! :)

BuhBye Friends!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So what is AIESEC? and what do I do?

In the past 5 years I have developed myself into a global minded citizen. I attended youth impact conferences with 300 delegates in Toronto, Ottawa, and Taiwan. I have traveled to the Philippines to work in organizational design and currently live in Argentina and am the corporate sales manager for Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. I have recruited a graduates from Brazil, India, Poland, China, and Colombia to work in Ottawa, Canada. Currently, I work on a 9 person team with other internationals from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Austria, and the US. I have twice facilitated a 200 person, three day regional youth conference. I will help to create, facilitate, and raise corporate sponsors for a 500 Person, Latin American conference to be held in Santiago Chile in March 2012. I have connected with hundreds of people through business ideas, leadership thoughts, dancing, drinking and laughter.

I am part of a team with 8 dedicated colleagues who accomplish regional and international achievements. My personal network now includes like-minded individuals from Brazil, India, Philippines, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and Germany to name a few. I am supported by my University's Co-op program, my University's business school, our international business program, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Canada Immigration, CEO's of local businesses, and my friends and family.

If you want this experience, or more, then make some time to ask about AIESEC.

(*Spiel stolen from my wonderful friend Carson who is in India currently*)

Recoleta Cemetery

WHAT A FABULOUS PLACE! Not what you'd expect of a cemetery!

the cemetery has impressive statues and crypts that hold the remains of Buenos Aires' Elite: past presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and of course everybody's favourite- the rich&the famous ;) Evita is even buried here! (check her out if you don't know who she is-Madonna played her in the movie which won a Golden Globe but Argentinians dont like the movie: (

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Montevideo, Uruguay!

Hola Chicos!

So! In order to enter Argentina originally I had to purchase a ticket out of the country. Funny way of working things. but I bought a ticket to Montevideo, Uruguay, and last weekend I went!

Montevideo is a beautiful place! Its a huge city with over 1 Million people, but the architecture is beautiful, and the city is quieter with super friendly people!

I stayed at a friend, Fabian's, place with his mother and sister and the 2 CUTEST siemese cats :D his mother didnt speak much English and my Spanish is still pitiful, so it was very entertaining to speak with each other and truly practice my Spanish. :) His family was simply lovely. :) And his cats would come and sleep under the covers with me and cuddle! So adorable!

Various AIESECers took me around the city every day! Sight seeing everything in the city from the waterfront to the cafes :) I loved it - and I cant wait to go back! But I have my next ticket booked for Sept 30th (Visa renewal) but because I cant wait to return! :)

Only problem with Montevideo in July? its really cold when you dont have the proper attire! haha I need to purchase a pair of mittens! Its getting cold in the southern hemisphere! :P

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rafaela with Nati!

Hola Chicos!

So Rafaela was great! Her family was super nice and it was a great experience to be in a family house again.

We arrived Saturday morning early and surprised her parents at their work, since they did not know we were coming for the weekend!

Her mother didn't speak English very well and my Spanish is horrible still, so our means of communicating was in French! haha It was very entertaining to practice my french again, turns out - I'm not half bad. haha.

Sunday we drove to Sante Fe early to watch Nati's younger brother, Pablo, race Motocross. It was a beautiful day in nice weather to sit outside. The motocross was entertaining but everybody was standing SO close to the edge of the track that the racers drove RIGHT beside them. I had to stand back about 5 meters cause I was scared I'd get hit by a Racer if they fell. haha I suppose I watch too many movies :P

Friday evening Nati's friends came over and we all had Pizza, it was nice, even though I only understand about half the conversation. Saturday night Nati's extended family came over and we ate dinner, and on Monday her extended family on the OTHER side came over and we ate dinner for Fathers Day! :) It was really really nice to just relax and spend time with her family. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and experience.

Nati has a dog named Luna who is SUPER adorible. She is only 1 so she acts like Scotia did at the age, jumping around like crazy and running and being extremely playful. haha So I had a lot of fun playing with Luna and just being around a dog again. I really miss Scotia.

But back to life in Buenos Aires!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rafaela, Argentina!

Hola Chicos!

So, for the weekend, as it is a long weekend, Monday is a holiday. Nati invited me to come home with her to her family's house in Rafaela Argentina. It is about 550KM Away from Buenos Aires to the North-West. It is a smaller city with a population of 83,000. Its nice to get away for the weekend! We took the over night bus, I am quite tired now, and its rainy, but I hope it will clear up and be nice for Sunday and MOnday :)

Yay for Holidays!


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Pressure Is On

Hola Chicos!

So, work officially started on Wednesday June 15th 2011. And I already feel the pressure. What I didn't know before I came here: The region is financially unsustainable; aka we are flat broke. Literally, we can pay the basics of housing and salaries to all of my team for only 1 month. This is assuming we do nothing. So turns out - I have to do everything. Of course I set my goals high and want to create many new large scale partnerships with companies here including: KPMG, Deloitte, Artemisia, Tata Consultancy Services, InBev ect..... But - Now, if I don't success immediately, We don't be paid. This is not ok. I should of been warned of this situation because as hard as I want to work, my work depends on the decisions on businesses and although I am convincing, realistically, I will not achieve everything I set out to do. So - the pressure is on. My whole team is looking at me and my counterpart Cristian, to work our butts off and bring in loads of money immediately. Yeah, not as nice as I would of liked it. Creating partnerships wouldnt be so bad, except to add on to the difficulty of selling, is the fact that we have Visa issues here in Argentina, thus making our international internship program MUCH more difficult to sell.....sooo....Although I am excited to be here, I am feeling disappointed with the situation and not being forewarned so I could make a FULL decision with that information included.....

But, Pressures on - its time to SELL! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, some things are extremely hilarious when they are directly translated from Spanish to English....I burst out laughing at my teammates when they have said something innocent but in English it is extremely....not....haha Of course, I am not laughing at their language skills but they are amazing, but I am laughing at those translation that just should be.....


How can I turn you on?......Asking me what keeps me motivated at work.
What satisfies you?.........Aking me what makes me happy in life.
I was just playing with myself.....Talking about doodling on the blackboard prior to our arrival

and Spanish to English:

Estoy Excite.....which translates to....I am sexually excited....not I am happy. haha
Estoy Embarazada....which translates to.....I am pregnant....not I am embarrassed. Oops!

And thats life :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Life and Jokes in Buenos Aires

Life is becoming more entertaining every day in Buenos Aires!

Lets see now...

Yesterday, after work, half of us returned home, and the other half went to the movies. Us, at home, got ready and headed out to a bar to say fairwell to Nati, the current MCVP Communications, who is returning home to Brazil, and then moving onward to India for an internship. But we all headed out, and the people at the movies were supposed to meet us after. Well, we have been having an issue with the keys, we only have 3 pairs and there are about 10 of us living here currently! And you cannot LEAVE the apartment building without keys cause you must unlock from both the inside and outside. In afterthought, this is a huge fire safety hazard and would not fly at home. But anyways, the movie folk came home, but sans keys.....and they had VERY conveniently gone grocery shopping for the house cause we were stocked out. hahah So here they are, sitting outside our apartment building, with all our groceries, ringing our doorbell, with nobody home, and NO idea which bar we had gone to! hahah They eventually got IN TO the building when somebody else left, and sat outside out apartment. They realized they could access our internet while sitting outside our door, so they did and figured out which bar we were going to, but still, the groceries! What to do with all the groceries?!??! haha So they went knocking around door to door in the apartment trying to find somebody to watch our groceries! Well, people in Buenos Aires are not overly friendly so they ALL ignored them!! hahah FINALLY after 20 or so doors they found somebody willing to even OPEN the door for them and watch all our groceries while they came to the bar to meet us, get the key, and return home again. hahah Ghetto Life. :)

Also, work wise, there is A LOT of work. All day. Everyday. I cancelled my Spanish classes this week to be at work. and when I say all day; I mean from 10AM-8PM. But it is going well - I just am waiting for more free time, cause during the day we are learning so so so much, but arent given anytime to actually complete the work we are finding questions to and figuring out we have to complete. So my To-Do list gets longer and longer daily!! YIKES!

But for now! Klaus, another teammate of mine, who is from Austria, has arrived this morning, we had a LOVELY full breakfast all together, the 10 of us here, and now we have to wait 2 more days for Jose, our last member to FINALLY join our team!!! :) It is VERY exciting stuff to think we almost have our COMPLETE TEAM!!

Hasta Luego!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Life is Better Again

Our Team is reunited and we have a new Addition! Nati has arrived in Buenos Aires - she is my ICX counterpart who will be living in Santiago! :) YAYYYY!!!! Lais is also back from her week away in Amsterdam, and brought us back yummy yummy treats!!

ON Tuesday evening a bunch of us went to La Plata, a city 1 hour from BsAs, to have a party with the Local Committee there. We went to an interns house, Felipe, from Brazil, to pre-drink then we headed to a club at 2am. In Argentina, they start drinking at 12, they go to the club at 2, and they stop at 6am when the clubs close! Crazy party life here! I can barely make it to 3am but I am working on it! BUT, while in La Plata, at the club, it was around 3am and I walked downstairs to sit, I was exhausted, and I see Felipe, and a few other of the AIESECers, sitting on the couch with Felipe sleeping. Then all of a sudden, he PUKES on the girl next to him!!! hahahah Ewww, so then me and 3 others help carry Felipe, NOT a light fellow, home so he can sleep. On the way home he pukes on another girl and in the car. I THANKFULLY was missed by the projectile! THANK GOODNESS!!! hahah But all the while, the girls kept saying to me "Welcome to La Plata!" bahahahha. Yes Welcome Indeed :P

Then On Saturday Night we went to a party at "The Andes Way" House.....this is a project that @USAL is putting on, called The Andes Way, they are bringing 25 interns to BsAs, and they are living in one house called "The Andes Way" House. :) It was a great time, lots of people, lots of dancing, and lots of laughs.

And the rest of the weekend I spent lounging around, sleeping, reading, relaxing. It was blissful. :)

Its Monday, and I had my spanish class this morning, it went well. and then I came home, and we all shared dinner and tea&dessert of Dulce de Leche, which is like Caramel, and waffle snacks that Lais brought for us from Netherlands. Yum Yum Yum. Excellent day I do think :)

I am happy again!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank You RBC Visa

Turns out - I have to thank RBC Visa - for they have insurance - and Since I bought my camera within the last 90 days - they will replace it for me if I provide them with the original receipt and an incident report.

Life is good with insurance - Bad things happen - VISA came to my rescue. :)

Thank you RBC Visa!

Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Week...

What a Week I've had....

I started out the week good! Started my Spanish lessons! Which are going well - Atleast I think. They are interesting and my teachers are really good. I am with Ñ de Español ( It is really well priced and they are flexible with my hours, and my lessons. I am thus far learning the basics....Verbs....To Be, To be called, To Have.....And lots of nouns along the way.

My foreigner learning Spanish act has allowed me to get away with some funny direct translations including my favourite "Alto Cinco" which means High Five :D yayy

Then the week got really shitty.....I got pick-pocketed! argggggg!! I got my Camera case stolen which had my brand new camera, my Visa, my Debit card, and thankfully only $15 in it! But arggg!!!! wtf. It was at Lunch time on the way to a restaurant - My purse was at my side with my arm swinging over it....and somehow they managed to get into it. But theres nothing I can do about it. It is completely normal and common for such things to happen here! All of my teammates have had it happen atleast once and many of them have had it happen more than 5 :P How brutal that this is just considered "normal" life.....Get a Job...thats all I have to say. But ive canceled my cards and they are sending me new ones....but my camera is lost and Im so sad cause it was the coolest new camera with all these fun features!! :(

And also - ontop of it all, I got sick mid-week and have been battling a nasty cold. My nose is stuffy, and my throat is swollen and very painful...yuck!

But - I slept 15 hours last night....I feel much better, my cold is SLIGHTLY less irritating, but my Anger over my stuff has subsided greatly, and Im now just Blah about it all....

and Today, Friday, Im working at home. and it is now the weekend....I have no plans....But I would love love love to just stay home and read. haha Sounds like a very loser person weekend - but for me - its Bliss. :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Transition Transition Weekend

So all week we have had long long long sessions of transition. We started at about 11am and went until 7 or 8PM every night...It is all good information but it is SO much to learn and grasp and long days make for a tired Chrystal.

But weekend time. Saturday in the evening we trekked our way to the new house for the 25 trainees arriving this week. the house is HUGE. it used to be an orphanage, which is somewhat creepy cause there are remnants of the and this gigantic haunted house....ahaha but all the AIESEC;ers from Buenos Aires USAL are painting the ENTIRE house to prepare for the arrival of all the new interns!! We joined them for their Local Committee (LC) meeting, I didnt paint because I want wearing appropriate painting clothes....but we stayed the evening and they had lots of beer and we danced and danced. It was a jolly good time! They were teaching me how to dance again and its just so entertaining cause my body does NOT move the way theirs does. I just cant MAKE it do that. haha But I am attempting it!

Today I am going to the neighbourhood of La Boca, which has all the really really pretty coloured houses to look at. It is major tourista spot but thats ok cause it looks so so pretttttttttttttttttttttttty :D Cant wait!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conference Complete - Transition Day 1

Last day of conference went by so quickly. Said lots of goodbyes - including to the current MC. and my team and I were formally introduced - atleast, the half of us that were at the conference!! :D It was very lovely.

Monday we all got the day off to recuperate and relax. We slept til noon and then cleaned cleaned cleaned the house! Yikes was it EVER DISGUSTING! But now its all lemony fresh!! mmm

Today, Tuesday, is the first day of transition between the new team and the old team. It should be great fun :D


Sunday, May 15, 2011

LDS 2011 - Day 2


Woke up to the LOVVVVVVVVVVVVELY sounds of fog horns blasting to tell everybody to get up. Aint that a nice alarm eh?!?!?! haha And EVERYBODY, Including me, were just exhausted. The party the night before was amazing! Just danced and danced. I didnt drink too heavily as others did, but I had a blast. Turns out Im not as bad a dancer as I though! haha People taught me to samba! :) YAYYYY! haha And funniest part about Southern Cone AIESEC....They have something called the "kissing competition" - You have to kiss as many people as possible and take pictures and whomever kisses the most wins.....delegates are worth 100 points or something but MC - aka me and my new teammates - are worth 1000 Points. hahah This, made the night very entertaining for me. I was generous and gave out about 15 kisses. But I dont think they win....They each only got 1000 points....But I got 15,000 Points total. Cant beat me Im the gingerbread mean!!! :D hahah

During the day I only had one session to run - on Overcoming Gaps: Strengthening your Plan. It went over well - I ran the session in English - clearly - and I hope that everybody got the message that I was trying to transmit. They did their work in Spanish which is perfect, cause I want THEM to grasp the concept - not feel the need to work in English to include me - that isnt the point of my session. So Lais, my boss, helped with running the sharing portion since they all shared in Spanish. A few people came up and said the session was great - I really appreciate that feedback. I really want to be successful here - even with my current handicap of being Uni-lingual. haha.

Soooo since I only had one session - I was lucky enough to be able to sleep a lot of the day. So I went to my room and napped - I woke up - and 3 other members of my team were there napping - apparently we all had the same idea! haha :)

OH OH OH OH so one thing here - They have a food called Duche de Leche. It is like a think caramel sauce. They eat this sauce with EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGG! hahah Snacks, dinner, dessert. It is FABULOUS! as well alll know I'm a HUGEEEE Sugar fan! :D

Another thing about Southern Cone, everybody is really really warm and close. They are always touching, leaning on eachother, they give kisses when they see people, just very close. So I've felt very loved so far! My teammates are really amazing, and they are being really really kind to me with speaking English and including me. So I am very happy here so far! :D haha I hope things continue this way - but perhaps a little more Spanish on my part!! :D

Party last night wasnt as uppity.....oh ps. The parties dont START until past midnight. like the pre-drink starts at 1AM....haha Its very different...cause 10PM is my bed time...but I stayed up, but it wasnt that busy, I guess everybody was exhausted from the day and the night before, so there werent as many people. So at about 1:30 I went to sleep. So thankful cause today is a long day again - and I have 2 sessions today; Financial Management and Crisis Management :) Perfecto!

Adios Amigos!

PS. Funny fact about one of my teammates - she studied in the USA, and she took an English class - so shakespeare - and they did a play - but because its not "english" like we speak - she played the part of the butterfly....who was silent. :D haha Had to share - its cute.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Leadership Develop Seminar 2011 - Day 1


So the LDS 2011 Conference in Buenos Aires has officially begun!

Woke early this morning and headed to the hotel which is in the country side. Made some doggy friends outside the hotel - I love dogs. They needed a mention.

We had a great presentation by about Leadership and Time Management. I really liked it - AND bonus - the presentation was in English.

Wait - did I forget to mention - this entire conference is in Spanish? See - I do appreciate this fact - but it will be MUCH more useful in a month from now when I understand more Spanish - cause right now all I hear is every 50th word - not useful for comprehension and participation. So I find myself daydreaming a lot.

BUT there are lots of dances and I can do those! And Ive had the opportunity to talk to a fair few people and I enjoy meeting them very much. It excites me for my year here :)

I do feel left out at times - but I know it is not anybodies fault but my own - I should of tried a lot harder to learn more Spanish prior to arrival. But - its ok - Gives me time to reflect on my ambitions and the challenges I have set for myself. I dont feel lost - I feel I can be successful - I just need to stay focused and really let everybody around me know I appreciate all their work accommodating me by speaking English, which might be hard for them, while I learn Spanish!

But I need to rush - its sum up the day time and then PARRTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYY

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arrival and Work Work Work

I have arrived!!! :D

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllo Buenos Aires!!

I got off the airplane. I was well rested cause it is only 1 hour ahead here and I got about a 12 hour sleep on the plane (thank you GRAVEL) haha! Lais, my MCP, or boss for non-AIESEC'ers, was there with a Welcome sign!! :D Very very great to FINALLY meet here after months of speaking virtually and planning for my arrival! :D I gave Lais a Stuffed Moose in a Mountie outfit as a yay Canada gift :D haha

We came straight to my new office with ALL of my 50KG of luggage....yes I brought 50KG of clothes....Im cool eh???

The ENTIRE conference team was mid-meeting! So I joined in! And to distract them from me butting in mid-meeting I handed out Maple Creme Cookies! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Then I got straight to work....We worked late into the night. Finally went to my new apartment where LOTS of people are staying currently.

Lais, Olivia, Oscar, and I, half of my new team, who are in BA (Buenos Aires) currently, had a "feelings" talk - and as we know, I am not much of a "feelings" person - so I struggled but it was nice to have private time with them to start creating our team dynamics!! :) I think it is a great start to a new amazing year!!

This morning I woke up early....7AM here...6AM EST....worked for about 1 hour but because nobody else was really up, I went back to bed....I realized Jetlag was hitting me so I got in 2 more hours of sleep. Yayyy....It should only take me a day or two more to be adjusted.

Today we are again preparing for the conference - LDS - Leadership Development Seminar - and I am SUUUUUUPER (what up Rochelle) excited to meet everybody in the region to start the year off Right! I completed all of my trainings (powerpoints) last week before my conference in Canada, but upon arrival yesterday I was informed that I would need to also create the trainings for the External Relations track since the person in charge has quit the conference team. Sooo Lots of work to complete in one day! But I KNOW I can I KNOW I can!! :D

Well I should go and work! I will update again soon on how to conference is going! It will be a LONG 4 days of excitement, learning, meeting, and drinking!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again... :D

Bye Bye Canada! Hello Argentina! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Buenos Aires!

So Moving to Buenos Aires. Why Buenos Aires? What makes it special??

Well - Its the Paris of South America! Its of predominantly Italian and German decent so lots of yummy pastas and olive oil! Yum Yum

I want to TANGO!!! I am going to learn Spanish and learn to Tango! oh la la!! Beautiful! This may prove difficult since I CANNOT dance! haha Two left feet - here I come!

Lets steal some descriptions!

"Mix together a beautiful European-like city with attractive residents (call them porteños), gourmet cuisine, awesome shopping, a frenzied nightlife and top-drawer activities, and you get Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan metropolis with both slick neighborhoods and equally downtrodden areas – but that’s part of the appeal. It’s an elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge, laced with old-world languor and yet full of contemporary attitude. BA is somehow strangely familiar, but unlike any other city in the world." - Lonely Planet

Cant wait! Only 29 Days left til I arrive! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Argentina, Chile, y Uruguay allá voy!

Argentina, Chile, y Uruguay allá voy!

You are looking at the new Member Committee Vice President of Incoming Exchange for AIESEC Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay)! Yay me!

May 10th - I am officially moving to Argentina! Buenos Aires to be Precise! (Or Santiago, Chile – I’ll spend 6 months Buenos Aires, 6 Months Santiago – most likely) (But I am flying to Buenos Aires!)

So - Tengo que aprender a hablar español! I must learn to speak Spanish!

Flight Details:

Tue 10-May 2011
AC467 Ottawa, Ottawa Int'l (YOW) - Toronto, Pearson Int'l (YYZ)
20:00 - 20:59

AC092 Toronto, Pearson Int'l (YYZ)- Buenos Aires, Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
22:55-13:35 (Wed 11-May 2011)

Argentina Info:
Official Name: Argentine Republic; Spanish "Republica Argentina"
Capital: Buenos Aires (Capital Federal)
Neighbouring countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay Uruguay, and Chile.
Language: Spanish
Population: 40 Million
Religion: Roman Catholic
Time Zone: UTC -3
Currency: Peso ($) (3ARS = 1CDN)


Random Facts:
•The name Argentina derives from argentum, the Latin word for silver, which is what early Spanish explorers sought when they first reached the region in the sixteenth century.
•Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, and the eighth-largest in the world.
•The highest and the lowest points of South America are also located in Argentina: At 6,960m, Cerro Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Americas while Salinas Chicas, at 40m below sea level, is the lowest point in South America.
•Argentina and Uruguay are the top 2 countries in meat per capita consumption in the world. And Argentina is the 3rd biggest producer of beef in the world.
•Argentina is one of the leading producers of wines ever since the 16th century and has approximately 1800 wineries currently.
•The Iguazu Falls of Argentina are even higher than the world-famous Niagara Falls.
•The popular dance form ‘Tango’ belongs to Argentina

Job Facts:
MCVP ICX is final responsible for ensuring an increasing amount and quality of incoming exchanges in the region.

-Creation and communication of the ICX Regional Plan
-Exchange data provider: tracking and pool analysis at regional and local level
-Quality Measurement System
-Pool Equilibrium
-Exchange Pipeline Management
-International Co operations

-Regional Market Research & Segmentation
-Product Development and Product Strategy based
-Development of Regional Sales Strategy for TN Takers

-Education and coaching to LCVPs
-LCVPs Operations Tracking
-Budget tracking together with MCVP F&L and MCVP ER

Argentina Here I Come!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Im on Taiwanese Television!

It is just a photo of me and others that pops up at the 2:30 mark!
For attending Asia Pacific Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar in Taiwan in March of 2010.