Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rafaela with Nati!

Hola Chicos!

So Rafaela was great! Her family was super nice and it was a great experience to be in a family house again.

We arrived Saturday morning early and surprised her parents at their work, since they did not know we were coming for the weekend!

Her mother didn't speak English very well and my Spanish is horrible still, so our means of communicating was in French! haha It was very entertaining to practice my french again, turns out - I'm not half bad. haha.

Sunday we drove to Sante Fe early to watch Nati's younger brother, Pablo, race Motocross. It was a beautiful day in nice weather to sit outside. The motocross was entertaining but everybody was standing SO close to the edge of the track that the racers drove RIGHT beside them. I had to stand back about 5 meters cause I was scared I'd get hit by a Racer if they fell. haha I suppose I watch too many movies :P

Friday evening Nati's friends came over and we all had Pizza, it was nice, even though I only understand about half the conversation. Saturday night Nati's extended family came over and we ate dinner, and on Monday her extended family on the OTHER side came over and we ate dinner for Fathers Day! :) It was really really nice to just relax and spend time with her family. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and experience.

Nati has a dog named Luna who is SUPER adorible. She is only 1 so she acts like Scotia did at the age, jumping around like crazy and running and being extremely playful. haha So I had a lot of fun playing with Luna and just being around a dog again. I really miss Scotia.

But back to life in Buenos Aires!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rafaela, Argentina!

Hola Chicos!

So, for the weekend, as it is a long weekend, Monday is a holiday. Nati invited me to come home with her to her family's house in Rafaela Argentina. It is about 550KM Away from Buenos Aires to the North-West. It is a smaller city with a population of 83,000. Its nice to get away for the weekend! We took the over night bus, I am quite tired now, and its rainy, but I hope it will clear up and be nice for Sunday and MOnday :)

Yay for Holidays!


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Pressure Is On

Hola Chicos!

So, work officially started on Wednesday June 15th 2011. And I already feel the pressure. What I didn't know before I came here: The region is financially unsustainable; aka we are flat broke. Literally, we can pay the basics of housing and salaries to all of my team for only 1 month. This is assuming we do nothing. So turns out - I have to do everything. Of course I set my goals high and want to create many new large scale partnerships with companies here including: KPMG, Deloitte, Artemisia, Tata Consultancy Services, InBev ect..... But - Now, if I don't success immediately, We don't be paid. This is not ok. I should of been warned of this situation because as hard as I want to work, my work depends on the decisions on businesses and although I am convincing, realistically, I will not achieve everything I set out to do. So - the pressure is on. My whole team is looking at me and my counterpart Cristian, to work our butts off and bring in loads of money immediately. Yeah, not as nice as I would of liked it. Creating partnerships wouldnt be so bad, except to add on to the difficulty of selling, is the fact that we have Visa issues here in Argentina, thus making our international internship program MUCH more difficult to sell.....sooo....Although I am excited to be here, I am feeling disappointed with the situation and not being forewarned so I could make a FULL decision with that information included.....

But, Pressures on - its time to SELL! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, some things are extremely hilarious when they are directly translated from Spanish to English....I burst out laughing at my teammates when they have said something innocent but in English it is extremely....not....haha Of course, I am not laughing at their language skills but they are amazing, but I am laughing at those translation that just should be.....


How can I turn you on?......Asking me what keeps me motivated at work.
What satisfies you?.........Aking me what makes me happy in life.
I was just playing with myself.....Talking about doodling on the blackboard prior to our arrival

and Spanish to English:

Estoy Excite.....which translates to....I am sexually excited....not I am happy. haha
Estoy Embarazada....which translates to.....I am pregnant....not I am embarrassed. Oops!

And thats life :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Life and Jokes in Buenos Aires

Life is becoming more entertaining every day in Buenos Aires!

Lets see now...

Yesterday, after work, half of us returned home, and the other half went to the movies. Us, at home, got ready and headed out to a bar to say fairwell to Nati, the current MCVP Communications, who is returning home to Brazil, and then moving onward to India for an internship. But we all headed out, and the people at the movies were supposed to meet us after. Well, we have been having an issue with the keys, we only have 3 pairs and there are about 10 of us living here currently! And you cannot LEAVE the apartment building without keys cause you must unlock from both the inside and outside. In afterthought, this is a huge fire safety hazard and would not fly at home. But anyways, the movie folk came home, but sans keys.....and they had VERY conveniently gone grocery shopping for the house cause we were stocked out. hahah So here they are, sitting outside our apartment building, with all our groceries, ringing our doorbell, with nobody home, and NO idea which bar we had gone to! hahah They eventually got IN TO the building when somebody else left, and sat outside out apartment. They realized they could access our internet while sitting outside our door, so they did and figured out which bar we were going to, but still, the groceries! What to do with all the groceries?!??! haha So they went knocking around door to door in the apartment trying to find somebody to watch our groceries! Well, people in Buenos Aires are not overly friendly so they ALL ignored them!! hahah FINALLY after 20 or so doors they found somebody willing to even OPEN the door for them and watch all our groceries while they came to the bar to meet us, get the key, and return home again. hahah Ghetto Life. :)

Also, work wise, there is A LOT of work. All day. Everyday. I cancelled my Spanish classes this week to be at work. and when I say all day; I mean from 10AM-8PM. But it is going well - I just am waiting for more free time, cause during the day we are learning so so so much, but arent given anytime to actually complete the work we are finding questions to and figuring out we have to complete. So my To-Do list gets longer and longer daily!! YIKES!

But for now! Klaus, another teammate of mine, who is from Austria, has arrived this morning, we had a LOVELY full breakfast all together, the 10 of us here, and now we have to wait 2 more days for Jose, our last member to FINALLY join our team!!! :) It is VERY exciting stuff to think we almost have our COMPLETE TEAM!!

Hasta Luego!!