Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeannie's Arrival!

So I am anxiously waiting for Jeannie's arrival! I am all packed up and ready to start out Asian adventure! Her flight lands at 9:30PM and I'll go pick her up at the airport!! I got my deposit back on my apartment - Officially moving out on the 26th (So when we come back for one night we have a place to sleep!) - But I will be gone by Tomorrow morning at 5AM! Cambodia here we come! I have made up a VERY extensive itinerary for the two of us! Details details! Squeeze as much as possible in! :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bangkok - War Zone

War Zone
- Seven civilians die, 101 hurt in crackdown - CRES allows troops to fire live ammunition - Reds fight back with rockets, petrol bombs

* Published: 15/05/2010 at 12:00 AM in Bangkok Post
* Newspaper section: News

Seven civilians have died in clashes between United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship protesters and security officers in downtown Bangkok.

Clashes started late yesterday morning and continued throughout the afternoon at the Witthayu intersection, the Thai-Belgium Bridge, Lumpini police station, Ratchaprarop Road, Din Daeng intersection, Silom Road and Soi Sala Daeng.

Soldiers used tear gas, rubber bullets, and live rounds against protesters, who retaliated using home-made rockets and Molotov cocktails to block advancing soldiers and by setting fire to a bus.

The sound of gunfire was heard from both sides.

In the evening, a number of grenade attacks took place on Rama IV and Silom roads.

At least seven red shirt protesters were killed and 101 people were injured yesterday, including three journalists and several soldiers.

Two people reportedly died during the afternoon clashes, while three were killed by grenade explosions on Rama IV Road and at Sala Daeng intersection.

Heavy gunfire and grenade explosions were reported in the Ratchaprarop area late last night, resulting in several injuries.

The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation gave soldiers authority to fire live rounds at the lower bodies of attacking protesters.

Soldiers capture red shirt protesters in the Bon Kai area.

A red shirt supporter strips to his underwear to show soldiers he is unarmed near Lumpini boxing stadium.

A protester throws a petrol bomb at advancing troops on Rama IV Road.

Protesters set fire to tyres to keep security forces away near the Witthayu intersection on Rama IV Road.

A novice monk floats a lantern to keep helicopters away from the Ratchaprasong protest site.

Red shirts shoot flares across Rama IV Road to repel soldiers.

RIGHT Foreigners photograph soldiers in action in the Makkasan area.

Red shirts batter an army truck near Din Daeng junction and let out air from its tyres. They reportedly assaulted the soldiers in the truck.

A vendor in the Bon Kai area takes cover under a plastic stool as troops clash with protesters.

A red shirt protester lashes out at soldiers deployed on Ratchaprarop Road yesterday.

Armed soldiers take up lookout posts at buildings on Rama 4 Road.

Rapid-deployment soldiers on a motorcycle aim a gun at protesters.

Soldiers fire rubber bullets at protesters in the Bon Kai area.

Red shirt protesters take over a military truck with one of them aiming a kick at a soldier who has his arms pinned.

Soldiers take up position as anti-government protesters burn tyres near Bon Kai intersection yesterday. Security forces tried to push protesters back, sparking sporadic clashes.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farewell Party for Nick and Eli!

So we had the first of MANNNNNY farewell parties - This was goodbye to Nick and Eli! We all went out to a club for the evening and it was a ball!! :D

Marco and I
Dhruv and I
Some Ladies - Lotte, Ari, Eniko, Me, Allison, and Pauline.
Allison, Me, and Nina!
The Canadian Team! Josh, Me, Ali, and Geoff!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blonde Hair

Only one photo so far - waiting for the others to be put online (somebody elses camera). THis is Jessica, Angelica, and I at the farewell party/Marco's birthday at Culture Club. It was alot of fun but damn was it ever hot!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Laos - Vang Vieng - Swing!!

This is me on the GIGANTIC swing :D Look at me go! ANd then I caught my hand! hahah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laos - Vang Vieng

Oh Vang Vieng - What a tourist destination!! haha the WHOLE little city of Vang Vieng.....was foreigners!! haha No locals - it is 100% tourist!! But so so much fun!! There is a river....with mountains surrounding....and you can Tube down the river which is lined with bars that have giant diving boards with rope swings to go into the water with!! Yikes its crazy fun!!! hahha

On the second day - after our arms were tired from paddling on the tube - we rented motor bikes and headed to the surrounding mountains to go cave sight seeing. WOOT! we went to the elephant cave - in the photo there is stalactites that look like an elephant! and then we went into another cave which was 5 km in!!! crazy! and then we went to the WATER cave, where you sit on a tube and pull yourself by a rope into the cave and then paddle around with your little headlamp on your forehead!! hahaha

All and all - a wonderful time in Vang Vieng! Should of partied more though - it was quite casual and relaxing instead of party-hardy but thats ok! :)

Laos - Vientiane

Hello Friendfolk!

How do you say Hello in Laos?? Im not sure I only speak basic Thai!! haha Although the languages are similar - with my terrible Thai accent - they simply though I was Crazy ;) No Problem there - they are getting the fast track version of me!! :D

So me and my friend Aung went to Laos for 5 days as a little Vacay! WOot! Aung is from Thailand and I met her in Taiwan at the conference APXLDS! She is SUPER DUPER!!

So we took a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overnight bus ride up to the border../...lucky for me I bought a lovely CLOUDZ pillow on my flight over to Asia, so I brought it on the bus and slept like a baby with NO neck cramps in the morning! Horray for me! I cannot say the same for Aung sadly :(

So we hung around Vientiane for a day looking at pretty temples of gold deliciousness and then, since Laos was previously a French colony....we ATE BAGUETTES AND CHEESE!! MMMMMMMMMM!! YOu dont realize how delicious bread and cheese is until you dont have it in your life anymore!!!

We also somewhat - sorta - kinda went to Paris for a day!! well actually not - but there is an Arc de Triompe in Vientiane that was never fully finished but for the most part its a pretty sight!!!
So it was a fantastic day wandering around!