Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uruguay Pictures

My life in Pictures

Recoleta Cemetary
My team (Minus Olivia) for the year! Spending a happy day at Buenos Aires waterfront!
At La Boca! The extremely colourful neighbourhood of Buenos Aires!
Me! In the main plaza of Buenos Aires! What a beautiful day to wander!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Days Gone By

Wow, the last two weeks have flown by.
Life is starting to be more fun here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

So what have I done?

Celebrated July 9th, Argentina Independence Day at Feria de Mataderos! It was a lovely fair 1 hour away from my home which had stales and food and singers and dancers! Lots of Fun

Explored more sights of Buenos Aires including:
**Casa Rosada - which is the presidents place and is really a giant pink house!
**La Boca! The colour houses which is a complete tourist trap but OH so colourful and pretty and FUN!
**Teatro Colon - which is an AMAZING theatre which is GIGANTIC and VERY old and beautiful inside. I was WAY up in the Nose Bleed section but it was beautiful none the less. I went to see Festivales Musicales de Buenos Aires! Basically the symphony Orchestra playing Mozart and Vivaldi which some famous soloist violin people!! :) It was wonderful!

for work. the MC has gone into Conference planning because this weekend is Drive Conference 2011 being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina! The planned sessions for the sales track - that is 6 hours of sessions all dedicated to how to sell AIESEC, skills to sell AIESEC, more MORE SELLING! :) haha Lots of fun.

But I have to run! I have a networking event to attend tonight! It is held by which connects expatriates in the city you are living and working! Yay for fellow foreigners! :)

BuhBye Friends!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So what is AIESEC? and what do I do?

In the past 5 years I have developed myself into a global minded citizen. I attended youth impact conferences with 300 delegates in Toronto, Ottawa, and Taiwan. I have traveled to the Philippines to work in organizational design and currently live in Argentina and am the corporate sales manager for Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. I have recruited a graduates from Brazil, India, Poland, China, and Colombia to work in Ottawa, Canada. Currently, I work on a 9 person team with other internationals from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Austria, and the US. I have twice facilitated a 200 person, three day regional youth conference. I will help to create, facilitate, and raise corporate sponsors for a 500 Person, Latin American conference to be held in Santiago Chile in March 2012. I have connected with hundreds of people through business ideas, leadership thoughts, dancing, drinking and laughter.

I am part of a team with 8 dedicated colleagues who accomplish regional and international achievements. My personal network now includes like-minded individuals from Brazil, India, Philippines, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and Germany to name a few. I am supported by my University's Co-op program, my University's business school, our international business program, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Canada Immigration, CEO's of local businesses, and my friends and family.

If you want this experience, or more, then make some time to ask about AIESEC.

(*Spiel stolen from my wonderful friend Carson who is in India currently*)

Recoleta Cemetery

WHAT A FABULOUS PLACE! Not what you'd expect of a cemetery!

the cemetery has impressive statues and crypts that hold the remains of Buenos Aires' Elite: past presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and of course everybody's favourite- the rich&the famous ;) Evita is even buried here! (check her out if you don't know who she is-Madonna played her in the movie which won a Golden Globe but Argentinians dont like the movie: (

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Montevideo, Uruguay!

Hola Chicos!

So! In order to enter Argentina originally I had to purchase a ticket out of the country. Funny way of working things. but I bought a ticket to Montevideo, Uruguay, and last weekend I went!

Montevideo is a beautiful place! Its a huge city with over 1 Million people, but the architecture is beautiful, and the city is quieter with super friendly people!

I stayed at a friend, Fabian's, place with his mother and sister and the 2 CUTEST siemese cats :D his mother didnt speak much English and my Spanish is still pitiful, so it was very entertaining to speak with each other and truly practice my Spanish. :) His family was simply lovely. :) And his cats would come and sleep under the covers with me and cuddle! So adorable!

Various AIESECers took me around the city every day! Sight seeing everything in the city from the waterfront to the cafes :) I loved it - and I cant wait to go back! But I have my next ticket booked for Sept 30th (Visa renewal) but because I cant wait to return! :)

Only problem with Montevideo in July? its really cold when you dont have the proper attire! haha I need to purchase a pair of mittens! Its getting cold in the southern hemisphere! :P